1000 friends and loneliness

I passed my second week in loneliness here in the hills.I’m working like a rocket. My book is really growing.
Sometimes I wish somebody would read it right now to tell me if what I’m doing makes any sense or not. But most of the days I’m writing in a very steady tempo and love the story that is unrolling in front of my eyes.

But today was the day I was waiting for. The deadline day, the reason why I went away in order to write instead of staying at home nervously waiting. The decision day; are we going to shoot in October or not. So at three we had our conference call. And the result is no!! We still don’t have the whole budget. The plan right now is to get the budget down and make the film totally in South Africa. We aim now at the beginning of next year.

Again postponed! Such news is always hard to get when you’re alone. But I’ve found out I’m not alone. I’ve got thousands of friends; a scorpion in my kitchen, a snake near the pool, many butterflies, a dragonfly, glow-worms all over the garden and a house full of spiders and ants.