Deadlines and death lines

I’m sitting alone in this beautiful little cottage in the South of France but today it was a horrible day. Although, I must not exaggerate. Since a week I’m writing here from the early morning till the afternoon on my second novel. I take a swim, walk or read a bit and do a few more hours in the evening. I’m having a good rhythm and write an average of six pages a day.

(The former writing house of Annie M.G.Schmidt, a famous dutch writer)
But today was the deadline for the ‘The Bird Can’t Fly’. Suddenly I was in a hurry. Before three o’clock I wrote over seven pages. And at three o’clock we had a conference call, from four sides of the globe; South Africa, Ireland, Holland and France. Soon it became clear we need another week…

Again our deadline is postponed. It is the most flexible deadline I’ve ever met. If I (later) could do the same with the budget of my film…!!!