Conference calls and photoshoots

Are we going to shoot ‘The Bird Can’t Fly’ this year? The deadline was yesterday. But it became clear that there were some misunderstandings between the producers. Even with all the communication possibilities of these days it’s not always easy to keep each other updated about what’s happening. South Africa and Great Britain have 65% of the budget ready, but the Dutch producer is stil struggling. For more than an hour we talked in a conference call, and finally decided to postpone the deadline for two weeks…

(My producer Anton Scholten during the conference-call)
In the meantime I’m exploding with new ideas. Luckily there are publishers. They don’t need months or years to decide on a project. On the contrary. They want the new novel I just started to write; they love the idea and the set-up.

So today we made photos for the autumn-brochure. And I have to go and work like hell to get all I’ve got in mind on paper and make it real.
Photographer Sjanti Mahabier and her assistant Lia during the shoot.