Wind and work

Sometimes you ask yourself how much effort a simple thing can take. I know by now that making a feature film takes a lot, but flying from Amsterdam to London for a simple meeting…

After almost seven hours of delay caused by the stormy weather, I arrived on Heathrow. Instead of having the meeting on Saturday, we moved it to Sunday morning. In a small nice restaurant I talked with Eamonn Walker about the script of ‘The Bird Can’t Fly’ and his role as Scoop (the antagonist in the story). It is very special when, even if you created a character yourself as a writer, on the moment the actor joins in a totally new world appears. New possibilities in the character of Scoop were disclosed, aspects I never saw before.

(Eamonn Walker)
I know that with Barbara Hershey and Eamonn Walker I’m standing on the edge of a pond full of gold.