Books and ball

Yesterday the book party of the year was held, the so-called ‘Boekenbal’ (‘book gala’), a social gathering for writers, publishers and booksellers. If you’re not there you’re not hot! So I saw a lot of people who never wrote a book in their life but for one night were very hot. This year’s theme was ‘Gare du Nord’, or France. The whole building was decorated with objects that should give it all a french taste.

The Boekenbal is a yearly ritual for many writers and hotshots to become as pissed as possible and then, after midnight, being able to steal those objects as a trophy.

Now it is the morning after and today is a day of contracts and deal memo’s. The option that my producers have on my film ‘The Bird Can’t Fly’ is soon being expired and a new deal memo is presented to me, which they want me to sign.

Contracts always give rise to bad feelings in me, for I know certain people who signed papers that cursed them. Luckily I have very good lawyers. They protect and help me, so I don’t do stupid things. Even then I hate these kind of days…