Faith and intentions

None of my old theatre-friends understands how and why I continue to believe in what I’m doing. Yesterday one of them said to me, ‘In the same amount of time you’re working on your film you could’ve made at least 15 shows.’ True, but he forgot that I don’t want to make any more shows. I want to make this film, in which beauty and content I deeply believe. That’s why I’ll fly this weekend to Los Angeles, where on Monday I’ll meet Barbara Hershey. Since I have her ‘yes, you can come’, I’m preparing myself as good as I can. It will be the first time that an actress of this level has to put her trust in me and my work. I am, whichever way you look at it, a first time writer/director in film. But I believe that, even if film is a very different medium compared to my previous writing and directing, I will do it with the same intention and just use my intuition.