Cast and Crew and reality

One day I decided I’d made enough theatre (50 shows!); I wanted to make a feature film. I never knew what a tough choice I made that very moment. It’s nearly six years ago now since I started this project. But finally it seems this is gonna be the year… We were all waiting for a positive answer from the star actress that I want for the main role in The Bird Can’t Fly. Two days ago she said yes. That evening I made a self-portrait, something I only do when unexpected big emotions catch me.

You all know this actress; it’s Barbara Hershey.

All of a sudden my producers are alive again. Conference calls are being made between Ireland, South Africa and Holland. Loads of numbers, amounts and figures are flying trough the air at the moment.
But a film doesn’t belong to reality before you are actually shooting, so I hope that all of you who read this weblog will keep their fingers crossed.