Selections and priorities

While the Christmas angels fly around me, the actress I want to play the main role in The Bird Can’t Fly finally said she is very much interested but has some other obligations for March and April.

Her eyes. Within four weeks she’ll know if she will be able to do it. If we want to shoot in April, in accordance with our planning, our scheme will be very tight. The producers start to get all the people in a kind of ready to go but not yet…
It’s weird to suddenly be pulled away by this Africa project, while working on the second draft for my War for a Kiss.

Today I passed by my publishers. The whole team of editors sat around a huge table covered with manuscripts of writers who probably for months have been waiting for an answer. One by one the stories are selected to be either send back or get a second opinion.
As long as you’re depending on the opinion and schemes of others, you never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. I’m happy I’ve been getting used to this feeling after all these years.