Be a film-producer

My producers, Joel from South Africa, Tom from Borderline Productions, Ireland and Monique from 24 FPS (Holland) are back from Cannes. I understood their week existed mainly of talking with all sorts of financiers, banks and others of major importance for our project The Bird Can’t Fly.
It’s no easy time for a debutante to make a feature film. The world is in a recession and we feel it. The company that was planning to do our CV (a possibility in Holland to finance a film with a favourable tax scheme) went bankrupt so my producers have to take care for it themselves. But the whole CV construction itself is in danger because we have got a new government, with other ideas. This means we have to hurry; if we are not able to found this CV now, we won’t shoot the film in November.
Beside all this we lodged a new appeal against the decision of the filmfund. Immediately the day after Cannes Monique went with her lawyer to the commission. The only thing I can do right now is pray; ostriches can’t fly without help.
The Bird Can’t Fly
(From Rob’s Prop Shop)