In the remains of an old diamond mining town. We’re on a flight to Kohlmanskop. Two hours south. I only go there to make photos, because it is the place that inspired me so much while writing the story. Kohlmanskop once was a little town. Now there are only the remains. It has once been a substantial mining town complete with casino, hospital, theater and school. But because of a slump in diamond sales and the discovery of richer diamond deposits, the place died and became a ghost-town.

These days it is a museum. When we arrive there is nobody. Just beside us stops a bus full of miners who work in the mines further on. One by one they go through a machine which scans them. Diamonds are still a girl’s best friends. If we walk though the houses I suddenly see my own story happening in front of my eyes. Again our flight is cancelled and nobody knows when the next flight will be. An Israeli diamond specialist is screaming hysterically. ‘I want to fly now!’ and ‘I don’t want to stay here for one more second!’ The girl from the flight company acts if she is deaf. And outside is the empty desert. When the man is gone the girl tries to find us a hotel, but every single room in the entire little town Luderitz is occupied. When the sun is setting we get unexpected help from a helicopter pilot, who works for the diamond mine.