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review only in dutch

14 January 2005

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interview only in dutch

14 January 2005

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Preparing the launch

I had to bring my motorbike to

11 January 2005

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Outside it’s beautiful

While my house is still in a total mess I’m working out. Trying to shoot ugly buildings

3 January 2005

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Under construction

Everything around me is under construction. Not only

22 December 2004

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Proofs and packing

I have a new project on my site: the international research project on garden chairs

16 October 2004

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Rewriting ‘Motormoeder’ is a totally different job compared to

16 August 2004

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Green grapes

Three days ago I was totally empty. I finished the first version of my new book Motormoeder after four weeks of non-stop writing.

13 July 2004

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Life and death

Although I seldom add private matters to my weblog, today I will. For today my friend Ineke Schwartz died.

8 April 2004

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schrijvers van nu

Door: Edwin Krijgsman SCHRIJVERS VAN NU: De kus van de weduwe heet het nieuwe deel in de reeks Schrijvers van Nu, waarin ECI veelbelovende schrijvers onder de aandacht wil brengen. Het is het debuut van Threes Anna. Anna was veertien jaar werkzaam bij theatergezelschap Dogtroep en ze maakt films, maar schrijven heeft ze er altijd naast gedaan. Een nadere kennismaking.

23 January 2004

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