Under construction

Everything around me is under construction. Not only my house. I live in a very old house, which for the first time in hundred years is going into alteration. Walls are kicked down and my computer is covered with dust.

Apart from my house my website is gonna change. Pepijn, Mark and Ber are working like hell to get it all ready and working before the 14th of January, when my second novel will be launched. One of the new gadgets is the program which makes it possible to download my novel from Internet for free and read it on your mobile phone. If it’s all gonna work out well it will be one of the first possibilities to read an entire book on your mobile phone when you’re stuck in a traffic-jam.
What’s more, my publisher is preparing a new site especially for ‘Motormoeder’.

In the meantime I’m running away from my now dismantled house and dusty computer and accept a nice gig; making a short film and a spectacular opening for a commercial bank. While looking for location I saw… two new garden chairs.