writers flames

I have decided not to work under such a strong regime as

14 June 2005

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For one month I didn’t write a weblog. I absolutely

3 June 2005

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interview only in dutch

11 April 2005

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after the isolation

For days on end this cock was my friend. While I was working up my notes, read old letters and made new notes (part of the research for my third novel), the cock was clearing his throat continuously. My place of isolation and concentration wasn’t as quiet as it used to be.

1 April 2005

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Only in Dutch.

17 March 2005

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review only in dutch

15 March 2005

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Review only in Dutch

9 March 2005

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it’s all publicity

I’m not a model but yesterday

9 February 2005

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discussion on internet

only in dutch

4 February 2005

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boekenwurm en pleeg

review only in dutch

3 February 2005

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