USA tour Silent City

I’ll almost leave for nearly 3 months in the United States. I have to tie up a few things before I submerge in a world I primarily know from films and TV. I worked a few times in the US, but that’s years ago and the world changes rapidly. I’m sure I’ll find a new country.

The film ‘Silent City’ will be screened in a large number of cities (see under). Film Festival Flix, the distributor, brings independent films to art house cinemas throughout the country. For most of this tour I’m there to do Q&A’s. In October the film will also be made available on demand in the US, by cable companies and Netflix.

The 1st of October I start in Florida the research for my new novel. The past weeks I’ve been gathering facts and names I need. But as usual the start of a research is difficult. The people I need don’t answer or have disappeared. And finding new entries is complicated. But… I know if I finally find the right entry the research will land into a roller coaster.

I have no idea if I can easily update my website, so when you want to follow me, check me out on twitter @threesanna

And for the fans of the most ugly chair in the world: some forgotten ones from a few weeks ago in the south of France.

Tour schedule: 11 sept- Los Angeles, 12- sept North-Hollywood, 16 sept- New Orleans, 18 sept- Denver, 19 sept- Salt Lake City, 21 sept- Dubuque, (22 sept- Atlanta, 24 sept- Miami, 27 sept- Palm Beach)