again corona cancel

Imagine you are in labor. But time and time again, your baby is pushed back into the womb. Well something like this happens to me right now.

Monday we had the local crew premiere of ‘the Warden’ with the maximum 30 people, masks and bubbles. The PR machine just started to run at full speed, when a new lockdown came over the Netherlands and all cinemas had to close again. So the adapted Dutch premiere was no longer possible.

While interviews appear in newspapers, radio and TV, posters covered walls and the first reviews arrived we had to sit at home and wait.

I’m not someone that prays, I’m someone that hopes. And I really hope that we all do our best, the virus decreases and the cinemas can open again on November 19.

Today a nice podcast about the editing process of the Warden (de Vogelwachter) is released. On Apple, Spotify, Overcast or search for NCE PODCAST in your favorite podcast app. Podcast maker Michiel Boesveldt is in conversation with editor Wouter Jansen.