I’m working hard on my new film script with subsidy of the Dutch Film Fund. It’s a story about a lonely birdwatcher on a small island somewhere in the midst of the sea.

I walk a lot on the beach, while the sea is getting rougher and the wind is colder every day. I collect all the rubbish I find in the sand, partly as inspiration for my story, partly to use in the set one day. The amount of dirt and plastic I find is shocking. A lot will end up in the stomach of sea birds.

Most of my work is based on exotic places somewhere in the world. It’s the first time I let me inspire by a mix of places. The world very close by and a little island off Alaska’s northern coast where an arctic biologist, ornithologist already for several decades works, all alone.

And in Florida lots of people help me to promote my last novel! Paradijsvogel.

Although I’m not happy with these fans.