rising bird

Almost three weeks ago Paradijsvogel was launched. The first very enthusiastic readers reviews are on-line and a lot of 5 stars. You can read them all: Bol.Com – Hebban.NL – Libris.NL – GoodreadsAKO.

I’ve had an one hour radio interview with Pieter van de Wielen and a shorter one with Tineke de Nooij in her very popular TinekeShow (part 1 at 1.26/ part 2 at 1.36). She also choose Paradijsvogel during the Dutch Sport Summer Radio 1, as the ultimate holiday book.

Link to all reviews, links, articles and interviews.

Now my broke shoulder is halfway the healing process and I can almost type again, I start working on my new feature film, which demands a totally different style of writing.