Bird of Paradise

In 1 month my new novel, PARADIJSVOGEL (Bird of Paradise), will be launched. The last editing rounds just have passed and today I’m checking the printer’s proof I got from my by publisher. The cover has become beautiful, it’s bright and loud, and fits perfectly with the content.

Iris leads a luxurious life full of entertainment in Eden, an exclusive retirement community in Florida. Until her husband dies. Instead of grooving on with the other widows, and live lavishly, she is confronted with a huge debt.

Soon her protected world is no longer safe and comfortable. Her old survival instinct tells her to flee her creditors. Before she – like a Baron von Münchhausen – can drag herself out of the mud, she has to lose everything.

To write this story I’ve done a lot of research. For a while I lived in two huge retirement communities in Florida, The Villages and Sun City.

Although I still was too young I mingled in, perhaps they thought I had had a face lift, like many retirees. In all its aspects it was a bizarre world, were the reality often was more extreme than fiction can be.

15 June 2016 the novel PARADIJSVOGEL will be in the bookshops.