the barren road

Already three weeks ago I left Holland and flew to the other side of the Atlantic. Right now I’m in Argentina, high up in the Andes. I didn’t write a blog only because internet is extremely rare, it’s also because the goal of this trip is silence and emptiness.

I travel from north to south over the Ruta 40, known as the most empty highway in the world, because there is hardly any traffic. It’s also one of the largest roads that exist. The southern part of this route is largely unpaved, so when you drive all the way to Patagonia you’ll have to be prepared well, which I am.

I drive through barren land. See amazing landscapes and overwhelming mountains. Every morning I study Spanish, because no one I’ve met until now speaks any English. Of course I’m also collecting images, stories and impressions that in the end will lead to something new. But for now it is an amazing luxuriance to just look and absorb.

But I can’t stop writing and soon my publishers will have a column of my trip on their site. The link will follow soon.