never ending story

For me it has been a strange year, this past year. Normally I do write my novels in one go, one flow. I block half a year without other projects and write. But the book I started more than a year ago had to deal with many abrupt stops on the way.

Last month I finally thought I was almost ready but it turned out I was completely wrong. The tone, the style, the flow and the story, they all had suffered a lot from the unexpected interruptions.

I’m finally back on the right track. By now I really know my characters, the way they speak, think and feel. I know their dreams and fears. I’m fully hooked to my computer and write, write, write. I forget possible new projects, forget to do shopping and even sending a tweet disturbs my mind.

In my fantasy I’m back in the weird world of the American retirement community in Florida where most of my story takes place and I’m not planning to come back before I’m really ready. I hope.