Because of all the circumstances (almost no time + almost no money) I choose for an unusual approach.

The film had to be a ONE SHOT – composed as a visual theatre, shown to only one spectator, the cameraman. It required a totally different direction of crew and cast. The text and music were the lead and on top of that I wrote a visual script timed on the second.

With a small group of visual artists (Thierry van Raay, David Louf, Saskia de Zee and Marco Broeders), we created a poetical world in which the performers (Udo Akemann and Brigit Defaix), a dancer (Bastiaan Stoop) and Thé Lau acted the story. The D.O.P. (Richard van Oosterhout) had to carry a 15 kilo camera for 40 minutes while moving in and out spaces, corridors and rooms, always focussed on the scenes above him, under him or in front of him.

Notes D.O.P. in Dutch.