The exciting puzzle

I went into the next phase. Before I write a novel there’s a lot of preparation.

After analysing and sifting all the notes and photos of my research, I write hundreds of idea’s on post-its. I stick them on my window, grouped in clusters.

See on the photos of my studio windows how it grew. The next step is the puzzle. I had to ‘clean’ a part of the window and put post-its aside.

In the open space I began to create the storyline. I’m trying to make the diagram of my story. I do it this way because it can show all story levels at the same time. Of course it’s very basic and when I start writing a lot of new ideas will join in, but the storyline will stay. It’s my anchor.

Not all the post-its will be used. I keep a lot in reserve. I’ll need them during the actual writing. As the backup of my ideas, characters, activities and facts. The coming days the plan of my new novel will slowly be spread out on my window.

On Twitter @threesanna you can follow this complicated puzzle process day by day.