in a bus

For the first time in my life I joined a tourist group’s travel. It was the last part of my research for my new novel.

Driving for one week in Turkey with a bus full of seniors was like diving into a goldmine. I collected great characters and fantastic dialogues of pensionado’s on holiday.

The bus trip brought us from tourist highlight to souvenir shop. Again I was in a bubble. Getting in contact with locals was impossible. The trip is purely focused on tourist attractions, souvenir shops and enterprises joining the tourist industry.

My fascination is not mass tourism but the need of people to live or travel in a bubble. This phenomenon will be a fundamental part of my new story.

For the fans of the most ugly chair in the world here some great new ones. From the tourist world and from the world around (as much as possible).

After almost three months of travelling, researching and meeting an endless amount of people, which you could follow on Twitter, I’m now going into a more internal period. Back to the writing table from where I still can see the birds!