landed in florida

Landed in Florida, Pinellas. A little nervous of course. That’s always when I am all alone working on a new project. It’s still so open and I’ve no idea where it will bring me or who I’ll meet. I have to develop a method to find the right people who I need to speak and organise my way to travel.

I look around and see I arrived in a holiday world. People walking only on slippers and wearing shorts and hats. The sun is shining severe. I smell sunblock creams and the sea. I hear the snoring airconditionings and unknown birds.

But I’m here to do research in the retirement communities and the people who live in them. My problem is that most of those communities are hidden behind walls, secured by guards and barriers. I have to find the entrance as if I have to find the beginning on a roll of scotch tape.

And for the fans some new ugly chairs.