Most of my projects grow over a longer period. Last winter I wrote 8 audio stories for a big art event in 2014 in KunstFort Asperen, an fortress in the middle of Holland. The stories are exclusively created for this old building and will let the audience wander around through dark corridors and dampy undercroft.

I had to write this puzzle of stories far away from the fort, only with the help of maps, notes, photos and my memory. Therefore my team and I did tests last week. Beside checking the stories, we did several tests concerning the sound technique. The general set-up of the project OOR VAN STEEN (‘Ear of Stone’) works good, but of course there are loads of details we have to work on. But that’s part of creating.

I’m also busy with the preparation for my two trips to the US. Especially the second one coming autumn to Florida, where I’ll do research for my new novel. I’m fascinated by the immense amount of retirement communities in the Sunshine State. About the social life in these communities, leisure activities and the organisations. I’m also interested in the people that are attracted to these communities. So if you can give me tips, suggestions or anything concerning 55+ communities please contact me.

My first trip is when my film ‘Silent City’ is going on a promotion tour through the US. In Europe you can’t open the website of the distributor since the Snowden affair!?! My tour will be: 11 Sept: Los Angeles. 12 Sept: North Hollywood. 13 en 14 Sept appearances and interviews. 17 Sept: New Orleans. 18 Sept: Denver. 19 Sept: Salt Lake City and 21 Sept: Dubuque.

As always you can follow all my projects at twitter @threesanna