1001 little projects

Before I’ll jump in at the deep end (= writing a new novel), it’s a period of many little projects. Starting up new ones, rounding off others or keeping some simmering. It makes me realise that I’m a project addict who is the most happy when she is creating, but I know this low tide also has its advantages. It totally empties my head.

Very carefully I began with the delving I’ve to do for my new story. The real digging will happen in October and November in Florida, but coming months I’ve meetings with Alzheimer patients. One of the characters in my new story will have this disease and since I know nobody who suffers from it it’s part of my investigation.

It is a similar research like I did on the Faroe Islands for my last novel ‘Het laatste land’ (‘The Last Land’). The bookstore on these islands – far away in the Atlantic Ocean – doesn’t have the time to wait before there will be a translation. They ordered the Dutch version for their shop.

On frequent request here the link were you can order the ENGLISH version (print + e-book) of ‘Waiting for the Monsoon’.

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