For everybody who hasn’t seen my movie yet… I’m proud to announce that the DVD ‘Silent City’ is out. Also my previous movie is still available – DVD ‘The Bird can’t fly’. Making a movie is complicated, as you know when you follow this blog for a while, and I have no idea when my next film will see the world. But for sure it will take a while.

I’m still working hard on the stories for KunstFort Asperen. After writing five stories for adults, now for the first time in my life I’m working on a story for children. I have to confess it’s not easy. I’m constantly searching the right tone, the proper words, and the ideal rhythm. I won’t know till this summer if I’m able to do it right, because by then kids (and adults) will give me feedback on this project.

‘Silent City’ is travelling the world. The film has just been on the Göteborg International Film Festival and soon will be seen on festivals in Argentina, Luxembourg, Czechoslovakia and Italia. Soon I’ll let you know more about it.