Exactly on the deadline I handed in the manuscript of ‘The Last Land’ (Het laatste land)! I’ve been working on it much longer than I thought I would, but I’m sure it was for the benefit of it. Immediately after my editor jumped on it and soon I got back the first remarks, typing errors and bad structures of sentences. Writing a novel of almost 400 pages is not always easy for a dyslexic.

The last couple of days I have been re-reading my manuscript, and worked on the last polishing before it will be send out to the first press. I can hardly believe it is already going into the world.

I’ve been working almost non-stop for one and a half year and produced a feature film and a novel. My head is a bit empty, but that’s nice. I’m going into a period of ‘the calm before the storm’, because both will be launched in the beginning of October.

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