An enchanting novel! I loved it, couldn’t wait to find a quiet moment to read a few pages, and then I had a hard time putting it down everytime. I was under its spell from around page 50 until the end, there was no let down, no unwanted lenghts, the pace and rythm were constant and my interest didn’t falter. An excellent work. I rarely give a five star note, but I enjoyed this one so much I can’t help it!

It took me the first 50 pages to really get into it, simply because each chapter adresses a different character’s story or point of view and to top it all the story(ies) isn’t told in a linear way, we keep jumping back and forward in time on top of jumping from one character to another. The chapters are very short and I was a little confused in the beginning, wondering who was who and when… The confusion didn’t last long and I have to admit that I loved the rythm those jumps in time, places and characters, created.

The small chapters, the different times, places and characters are like threads and little by little the fabric of the entire tale is being weaved, it is such a beautiful way of telling a story. I’ve never been to India but I saw this country through this book, I felt the heat, I smelled the odors, I saw the colors and I felt how cut off from the rest of the world they were. The tale skillfully takes form, little by little, I never could predict much in advance what was happening and I’m certain that when I could actually predict it, it was because the author wanted me too, because it was time to tell that tale within the bigger tale.

I will definitely be looking for more from this author!