4 teams

I’m not totally sure but I think this is gonna be my last trip to Luxemburg concerning the pre-production of ‘‘Silent City’’. Yesterday we worked in a studio to do a dubbing sessions with some actors. This can be necessary for technical or artistically reasons. And it is not always easy to catch the right tone. But yesterday it all went fine.

In Amsterdam they are very busy with the foley. This is a part of the sound editing where nearly all the sounds in the film are made again to have it ‘clean’ and to give it a deeper impact. Some filmmakers say that 90% of a film is the sound. Also the music and the atmospheres are developing well but my meetings with them will be the coming days.

Almost no film today is without visual effects. Partly this is again very technical; like cleaning visual mistakes out of shots. But you can also make something completely new. That’s what we are doing with one scene. It’s a very complicated process and five people are working on one shot! Of course I’m not going to tell what we are making, you all can see it in the cinema when it is ready! But I’ll promise, it’s gonna be beautiful.

Also the translation of my novel ‘Waiting for the Monsoon’ is finally ready and published –I’m extremely proud about it. So English readers who never had the opportunity to read a novel of me: this is your chance!