first week in tokyo

It’s the first little hour that I have time (since I arrived in Tokyo – 5 days ago). To make my film possible and shoot all the scenes we have to, we follow an inhuman schedule. Extreme long days, no breaks, fast food, a lot working through the nights and on top of that: most of what we shoot is illegal. (photo = view from hotel)

For example we shot in the metro, on the platforms and on the famous fish market. All these locations are totally forbidden for cameras, plus the fish market is also forbidden foreigners.

With guts and the help of old friends that I know from the time I was living in Tokyo we managed to get through to the heart of the market, shot till the security traced us. We managed to escape just in time. We also had to close off a crucial crossing point of very busy footpaths without permission. Again we just did it till the police stopped us. But till now we managed to get almost all the things we need.

Today we are going to perform a next dangerous action. In the heart of an area ruled by the Yakuza (Japanese mafia) we have to shoot 3 scenes. For these scenes we have to place a big box (in which homeless people used to sleep) in front of an expensive nightclub! But we have our guardian angels; I hope they help us again today.

And of course you still can keep following the live making of on twitter.