first part ready

We ended the shoot in Luxemburg . I’m on my way to Tokyo for the second part. There was no free day in between, I just had time to repack my bag and leave again. The last week in Luxemburg we had many transformations of the sets. The kitchen in which we shot many scenes was totally repainted for another scene. This also happened with the night club and the room we had used as a canteen became a Japanese restaurant. (photo’s are from Shinji Otani)

In Tokyo we will shoot guerrilla. It is the only way. Therefore we had to say goodbye to our fantastic inspiring crew and travel with an extreme small group to the huge metropolis. Our location scout is already very busy finding the right locations. No time to overcome our jetlag, no time to even think, no time to write a blog (and I hope I manage this here on Heathrow airport).
And I hope my mobile works in Tokyo, then you can keep following the life making of on twitter.