the fish!

Let’s call this week: the week of THE FISH. Days and days we have been shooting fish, different sorts and in all stadia of cleaning. Exotic fish and ordinary fish. Fresh and beautiful, but after four days the flies came to accompany us. At the moment I don’t want to see or eat any fish, but cinematically seen we did a good job.

From the south of France a fish specialist was flown in. She has been teaching the cast how to fillet fish the Japanese way. It was great to see how fast some of the actors mastered this skill.

It was also the first week we were shooting with all the Japanese actors, and even as most of them are non professionals, they perform excellently; natural, beautiful and moving. Together with Laurence Roothooft, who plays the lead, they give me “presents”, day after day.

After the first week of traveling from location to location we “landed” in Echternach. In an old youth hostel we found the perfect location for the rest of our sets. The art department is right now busy building a Japanese nightclub, where we’ll start shooting on Sunday morning.

Although I’m fully submerged in my film, sometimes other projects call my attention. Today (on my only free day) I had to record the “director’s commentary” of my previous movie ‘The Bird Can’t Fly’, because soon the DVD will be launched in Germany. In the mean time my last novel ‘Waiting for the Monsoon’ is sold to Norway…

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