first 3 days

The first 3 days of the shoot are done and we have a day off because of the complicated planning with the actors and extra’s. The first day we were shooting under the ground in a complex of cellars and were happy to have our lunch outside in a tent (photo 3).

The second day we shot a bathhouse scene. I felt very touched by all the Japanese ladies (photo) that came from all over to be naked in my film. I do feel very responsible how I portrait them, but I have seen the rushes and it looks wonderful. The third day we had a night shoot outside. Since I’m a morning person I was not looking forward to that night, but it all went smooth and again the material was better then I imagined in my dreams.

Our team is getting stronger and better every day. It is so special to experience that all these people I’m working with all these weeks are working so passionately together to create this film, which was, till last week, just a collection of words I wrote down.

Also the actors, who are mostly nonprofessional (photo), are performing beautifully, like if they have been acting all their life. I’m proud of all of them… No, not all, one man – for a small supporting role – didn’t show up, but luckily there were some extra’s around, and one of them gave a great performance!

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