week 2

All my life I’m working international, but never before I’ve been working with such an international team. Luxembourgers, Belgian (Wallonions as well as Flemish), Dutch, Finnish, Polish, British, German, French, a French-Polynesian, a Tunisian, a Portuguese, a Serb and most of all a lot of Japanese. It’s a wonderful team and together we feel very powerful. We are ready to shoot. Tonight is the welcome drink and tomorrow morning will be the first shooting day.

Last week was one with the tech reccee (photo 2), the big breakdown meeting, make-up and camera tests (photo 1), rehearsals, answering more than a million questions and endless meetings. The production team needed all their effort to manage the extremely complicated transport schedule to get all the Japanese actors and extra’s here in time, since they are coming from all over Europe.

The art department is fighting the biggest battle at the moment. Because of all the location problems we’ve had, they couldn’t start working in time and all the designs had to be done again. Their team is extended with some fantastic artists and builders to make all the 17 sets on 11 locations. They are working day and night to be ready in time. One of the things they built is a Japanese bathhouse in an old chemistry classroom (photo 3).

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