I’ve had a tense week – all because we suddenly lost our main location. A month ago we found in the middle of Luxembourg one old and empty building that could represent almost all the Japanese interiors we need; a nightclub, an apartment, a kitchen, a hairdresser’s shop, a bedroom, a hallway and loads of corridors, a hotel room, etc. We had visited the place several times, plans and drawings were made. When suddenly we got the message that we couldn’t use the place anymore, an explanation wasn’t given. We were shocked and wanted to convince the owners to give us again permission. A weird and hilarious search started. Like pitbulls we fastened our teeth into this problem. We went deep and discovered things some people didn’t want us to find. But the answer stayed NO!

Yesterday we were back in Luxemburg. The location scouts and producers had done so much work. We have been driving all over the country to find new locations, which we actually found. Not in one place though, but scattered over the country. It will make the shoot heavier, but we have no choice. We still have to find several other locations, but we will – we have to…

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