building our palace

Making a film is like building a fantasy palace. All different sort of ingredients, people and places are getting attached to each other and become a world that never existed before and will never after. On all levels people are busy. Our key team is almost complete. I’m still searching for the perfect composer.

Last days I was in Luxembourg again with my art director. We visited all the locations and found some more. I forgot how strange it is when suddenly a professional group of people are thinking, talking and preparing the images that until now were only living in my mind. The script of ‘Silent City’ is our bible. Every line, every word is put under several magnifying glasses. For the art director they are atmospheres and facts, for the actors feelings and for the production department every word has different consequences to be organized. I’m just answering a thousand questions.

It’s funny to see that some of them are superstitious. They saw that the room we had chosen for the love hotel had number 69! And the location we chose as apartment for the ‘fish-girl’ had a fish behind the front door…

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