I’m standing on the edge. Behind me the intimate world of the island and our yard, where I have been working on my new novel the last half year, before me the other world, where I will be working on my film the coming time. It will mean going back to a life of travel and suitcases. I’ll miss the harvest of the garden.

Last week I was busy with casting. Finding the leading actress for ‘Silent City’ is one thing. But finding 88 Japanese actors and extra’s in a country where there are not even a handful is an exciting challenge. We had a meeting with a company that is going to help us. Somebody said to me: you like to make things which are impossible.
The last days I had meetings with proofreaders who gave feedback on the manuscript of my new novel. But before I work again my new book – there is first the film! July the 1st the pre-production will start.

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