faroe islands 18

Without fish, living on the Faroe Islands would not have been possible. Not only as the main dish of the inhabitants. It is also their main export product (98%).

Today I could visit the factory of Faroe Seafood in Torshavn, where Jens, the local manager, explained me how they manufacture the fish, mainly pollack, and prepare it for shipping.

Being a doctor in the old days, when cars and roads were mostly absent, was not easy. Emma (now 92 years old) was one of them. She told me how she had to cross the mountains by foot whatever the weather, and the weather can be vicious here.

Crime on the other hand is not very vicious here. Inspector Jens told me the majority is burglary, joyriding, fight and vandalism, mostly linked to alcohol. There have been some murders but that was very, very long ago.