faroe islands 15

Overwhelming nature or stripped land? I meet Jens-Kjeld, a taxidermist, guide to the storm-petrel colony on Nólsoy, collector and owner of the biggest private collection in the world of louse, writer of books and countless articles and researcher of the Faroes nature. He tells me that the Faroes Islands are like the Sahara, eaten bare by the sheep. None of the original plants and trees could survive the unambiguous appetite of the animals. He also worries about the extremely fast decrease of birds colonies on the islands.

Skipper ‘Guddi’, sailed me with the Ritan to Nólsoy. He told me about the power of the currents, about the winds, the different movements of the tide and the huge waves he sometimes meet. But today the wind is coming from the right side and he brings me back to Torshavn without any problem.