faroe islands 14

What if… one day there will be – all of a sudden – no more oil? How will the people on these few dots in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean, far away from any source and not connected via cables to other countries, survive?

I’m back on the main island and went with Hákun from the SEV to one of their hydropower plants (photo is old part of a turbine). One third of their energy comes from the water that runs down the mountains and is collected in reservoirs. This is a form of energy which always works. Wind energy is more complicated because the mountains create difficult turbulences, that make this form of energy less reliable.

Ólavur from Bitland is one of the innovative people that initiate new forms of energy on the islands. They are busy with a project for wave energy. But they are working on another plan too, called: “Ocean Rainforest”, which will make it possible to harvest seaweed from the ocean, a product that can be used as food as well as a means to produce energy.

Also in other parts of the world the energy rolls. My producers just heard that the Luxembourg film fund will support my new film financially! Hurrah!