faroe islands 13

Are dreams bigger when you live on one of the most remote islands in the world?

Pál is a swimmer who is breaking records and wants to be one of the best sportsmen in the world. He trains in Vágur, where there is only a 25m pool, but even so his dream seems absolutely not impossible to fulfil.

And there is Finn, a young entrepreneur in adventure trips and wholesale clothes dealer, who has big dreams he wants to realize. The two men are living in the same village and have the same fearlessness. Is this power rooted in their Viking genes or did they get this strength because they live among people who are extremely relaxed and easy, and where the most widely used word is: “maybe”?

A little more south, on the tip of the islands, lives Aksal, in the village Sumba. He is a bird specialist. He collects stuffed birds, and could fill a museum with them. He is an ornithologist and taught me more about which seabirds people eat – more than 13 different ones.

My day ended with a visit at a knitting-club, where they did much more then only making sweaters!