faroe islands 11

I sail to Suduroy, and stay now on the most southern island. Here they still have coalmines. This is one of the things I absolutely want to see. With the help of Eileen and Niels Olaf I meet Pauli, a miner, who shows us one of the mines. It’s hard to believe that people are still mining here, its like stepping back in time. Small dark tunnels, supported with beams, where people by the light of a carbide lamp still dig the coal by hand.

In Tvøroyri, Anna Kirsten runs a pub and a hall (besides many other things). They inherited the building from her great-grandfather. The pub was a shop up till a few years ago. She has changed it into a place full of memories of hundreds of years of hard life of living on this little island, where some people don’t believe in the future because the young people move away. Others don’t worry and think the fish factory is only temporarily closed.