faroe islands 10

Family, drinking and God. That seem to be the ingredients for the weekend, at least from where I stay. Down in the centre of Tórshavn in the night the streets are full of ‘happy’ people and in the morning churchgoers hurry to the places of worship.

The world around me has now fully changed from yellow brownish to completely white. I went for a long walk. In the snow some leftovers of the last night. The sheep come down from the mountains and are entering the town. There is hardly any wind and the waterfalls, of which there are so many on these islands, are all frozen, which emphasizes the silence. Now it is only the sea and sometimes a single car that breaks the quietness.

And when I look at the sea I philosophize about this land. Its stunning beauty and its impossibilities. About the earthly people and the wild sea. About their myths and chanted legends. About what I still want to do before I must return to Holland for the launching of my new novel.