faroe islands 9

All morning I joined Paul in his truck. He is a farmer who also picks up the milk from the other farms and brings it to the milk factory. It was amazing to see the difference between the farms, some huge and fully computerized, some small and very basic.

In the afternoon I met the local weather-man, Petur Skeel; he’s born in 1925 and has dedicated most of his life to the weather. Since he is retired he was asked to forecasts the weather in the local newspaper. Tomorrow we’ll have heavy wind and snow…

Before they use the newspaper to wrap up the fish, I quickly went to buy one. Because today it is not only the weather forecast but also the interview with me. It got exactly the same title as a project I did in 2003, when I investigated another small community.

The evening was for ‘føroyskur dansur’, the national chain dance, where they sing ancient songs about kings and trolls, and dance in an unbroken chain of people, hand in hand.