faroe islands 6

It’s a grey rainy day and they think snow is on it’s way. Before the world turns white I went with Regin, who works at the museum, to some very old houses. He explained me everything about how they lived in it and how they make the special grass roofs, which (when made well) can stay up to 50 years.

Terji is on of the few persons left on the islands that still can build boats like they have done for centuries here. Under his house he has a big workspace with loads of modern machines, but the main tool, his wife tells me, is still the axe.

Yesterday was a day full of publicity; I had a radio and a newspaper interview. I got many reactions, also from people who have made interesting websites (1 + 2) of the islands, with loads of information and photos, so I can look at sunny pictures while outside a storm arises.