faroe islands 5

There not many of them on the world but I found a kind of forgotten paradise called: Mykines, where just a few people live. If necessary they can survive here for ever. They have their sheep, fish and birds to eat. On the land they grow some potatoes, and the water that runs from the mountain is crystal-clear.

In winter no boat makes the journey so I had to take a helicopter to go. Katrina (born and bred here like her forefathers) and her husband, Esbern, run the Kristiansh├║s, where visitors can stay. I was the only guest and very very lucky.

The rams had to be caught in the mountains. They had done their duty. The land is rough, high, steep and slippery. The weather can change in seconds and sheep are fast. It was an amazing piece of art, the way the men and their dogs caught the animals.

Kristina is also the teacher of her two kids, in a school built in 1894. Living here means doing everything. Everybody has several responsibilities and jobs.

Places like this slowly die out because the world around changes the other way. So to keep it alive, go there and be as overwhelmed as I am now!