faroe islands 4

Hospitality is for sure one of the qualities of the Faroese and therefore paradise for me the omnivore. Like today when I visited Petur Martin in Fuglafjordur. He runs besides many other activities the local tourist office. But he is also a passionate sheep owner and his wife is a very good cook. They explained me all about how to make sausages of sheep blood and stomach. How you dry sheep legs (photo). What to eat from the sheep’s head and how to slaughter the animals.

I also ate a piece of blubber (photo), the skin of a whale. All of it tasted fantastic. On several visits at peoples house I’ve had the most delicious food, dried fishes, cooked crabs, huge mussels. Fish is besides the main dish also the main industry of the islands.

In the historical museum Regin told and showed me all about whaling. The Faroese only catch the pilot whales by chasing them ashore and kill them by cutting through the spinal cord: death is almost immediately.