faroe islands 2

I crossed the ocean. The storm I had hoped for stayed away, although during the last night the ship was pretty jumping and many passengers were too sick to eat. Luckily I never get seasick and I enjoyed the first dish of whale meat. In the very early morning I arrived in a dark city and had no idea where to go, but Tórshavn is too small to get lost and I did found the guesthouse where I had booked in advance.

My first day was completely filled with two appointments, which I had made on forehand. Both people I met are working for tourist offices or connected with it. They took all the time of the world for me, like if time didn’t exist. With them I discussed my list of desires and ideas. I’ll need their help to find the right people for me to talk to, because stories of and about people are crucial for my research. Becuase of all this talking I haven’t had the chance to see the town by day, only in the dark.