on my way again

While our house is surrounded by heaps of snow, the roads in most of Europe are a disaster, and in Germany they’ve run out of salt, I’m packing my car for my trip to the Faroe Islands. I’ve to drive to the north of Denmark, where the boat leaves that brings me to the islands. I’m overloaded with advices to take winter tires, blankets, food and extra petrol with me. I remember my long journeys in deserts when no one warned.

I’m excited to go, doing an intensive research is one of the best things of creating a new story. I’ll have my first meetings on monday 18th. You can follow me the coming weeks on my blog. I hope there will be a storm when I’m on the ocean.

Big news is that my new novel, which will be launched the 1st of March, is now sold to four countries: yesterday I heard that also Spain, publishing house Maeva is going to translate it.